Wildlife Photographers and Film Crews

Filming in Corbett Park India is always an excellent experience as the country offers a spectacular range of locations for filming. India with its wilderness, natural, architectural and cultural richness is a destination for everyone. Whether you are looking for lush green valleys, deserts, or you want to capture the exotic monuments or royal art and wildlife and forests India offers plenty of options for every desired location. Advantages of filming in India along with an array of locations is a range of facilities that makes it a perfect location for shooting any type of film or documentary. Some of these facilities are mentioned below.
The best part about filming in Corbett Park India is the cost of total production which is comparably lower than any other location. It is so due to the vast network of facilities presented in country. Whether it is specified filming related expenses or general expenses such as accommodation, movement from one location to other, etc.. India offers excellent range of facilities at competitive rates.
As Corbett National Park has the highest density of Tigers in the wild it is one of the best places to document the life of this elusive cat. Our team of Naturalists and managers specialize in programmes for professional wildlife photographers and filmmakers for over 15 years. We facilitate with permits, reservations of elephants and permissions to photograph / film within the Tiger reserve or on the buffer area. We are happy to assist single traveling photographers or teams / groups and will tailor design their trip according to their interest and time frame.
Some of our featured services include, we can help arrange upon availability:
1. Complete guidance and help in getting approvals from ministries or concerned government departments.
2. Making arrangements for accommodation and transportation of crew members and filming equipments as well. You can make a selection from wide range of hotels and all sorts of vehicles as per your requirements.
3. We can arrange local artists, performers, dancers at the desired location.
4. If you are coming from non-English speaking country and need an escort or interpreter for communication Thais is organised by us.
5. We can also help arrange required infrastructure like studios, equipment, technicians, etc.
6. We can help you selecting most suitable locations for your film or documentaries and also help you booking bungalows or other shooting locations at different sites.
Thus we ensure smooth and unperturbed execution of your filming project and invite you to India for your forthcoming project. For any further guidance or assistance please write to us and give us a pleasure to help you.